While ga-ga ball is quickly rising as a popular camp and youth game, some people still don’t know about it! Ga-ga ball is an Israeli game and the word, “ga-ga”, translates from Hebrew to “touch-touch”. This explains the game which is a modified version of what we call dodgeball. It is a common belief that the sport became popular in Jewish camps in the 1970’s because Israeli counselors taught it to everyone.  It has recently become extremely popular because it is a fun and fast paced game. The objective of ga-ga ball is to hit your opponent with the ga-ga ball below the knee or waist. The winner of the game is the last person in the ga-ga ball pit.

This is a great game that can be played for hours with two to a larger group of players. You can make your own variations of the game itself. Almost all ages can play and with Octopit USA’s ga-ga ball pit, you can get custom dimensions in case you want to make it smaller for younger children. Bring an Octopit USA ga-ga ball pit to your next family event and you’ll quickly see how popular the game is!

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