1. Lothrop gaga ball pit in action.

    We Love our Octopit In New Lothrop!

    This is Paul from New Lothrop Nazarene. Your Octopit is one of the best investments I have ever made. The teens have been loving it for months. Yesterday we set it up for 1st-6th graders and they went crazy. You have a winner. If I ever decided to invest in a second pit, what could I buy it for? Thanks again for your years of work and perfecting. We love it in New Lothrop. Paul Brashaw New Lothrop…Read More

  2. Octopit USA gaga ball pit outdoors

    Central Indiana Youth for Christ plans first gaga ball tournament!

    After the purchase of an Octopit USA gaga ball pit in mid January , Central Indiana’s Youth for Christ organization is excited to be planning a fund raising tournament. “We want to start talking about the potential for a fundraising GaGa Ball Tourney- here in Indy- we’d like to use as a Camp fundraiser. We’re thinking of a couple of target groups: One is youth organizations/churches/campus…Read More

  3. Race to the ball in a game of gaga ball.

    Ideas for Variations to Play Ga-ga Ball

    The basic rules of ga-ga ball are that it is played in an octagonal shape ga-ga ball pit and the players use a soft foam ball to play. To win the ga-ga ball game, players must try to hit the ball below the knees or waist.  The last player standing is the winner of the game! However, ga-ga ball can be played in whatever way you want! Here are some ideas on how to change up ga-ga ball: Teams: Deter…Read More

  4. Gaga pit indoor setup of Octopit USA

    Origins of Ga-Ga Ball

      While ga-ga ball is quickly rising as a popular camp and youth game, some people still don’t know about it! Ga-ga ball is an Israeli game and the word, “ga-ga”, translates from Hebrew to “touch-touch”. This explains the game which is a modified version of what we call dodgeball. It is a common belief that the sport became popular in Jewish camps in the 1970’s because Israeli counsel…Read More

  5. Outdoor Gaga ball pit setup of Octopit

    How to Plan the Perfect Fundraiser Event: Gaga Ball Tournament

    A gaga ball tournament is a great way to raise money for your community or organization! But how do you begin to plan? Here are some tips to preparing for a successful and fun Gaga ball tournament: Octopit USA gaga ball court: Of course, the first thing to do is to buy an Octopit USA gaga ball court and set it up in an ideal spot. If the fundraiser is outside, make sure it is a flat surface, free …Read More

  6. Kids enjoying indoor gaga games with Octopit

    Don’t Let the Rain Ruin You and Your Family’s Day!

      Nothing is worse than making plans to go out with your family and the weather is bad! But don’t fret. Make rainy days fun and exciting by setting up your Octopit USA gaga court indoors! The Octopit is a versatile and portable gaga pit which makes it easy to set up wherever you want! Don’t let your kids mindlessly watch movies, play video games or sit on the computer for the entire day. Inst…Read More

  7. Gaga pit indoor setup of Octopit USA

    Octopit USA Gaga Pit

    Gaga Ball is a game that has become popular with schools, after school programs and youth camps. Gaga Ball has many names, such as Octoball, Gorilla Ball or Israeli Dodge Ball. The game consists of an octagon shaped pit, a soft foam ball and the basic rules of dodge ball. Here is how it works: Referee – One person is designated as the referee. This person is not a player and can settle all dispu…Read More

  8. Welcome to the OctopitUSA.com Blog!

    Octopit USA has a best possible design for a Gaga Pit. With lightweight, durable components such as Gaga Ball brackets and polyvinyl side-walls, our Gaga Pit is built to last. There are a few wonderful qualities that help Octopit USA stand out above the competition. Here are three: Adjustability – The Gaga Pit from Octopit USA is designed with all kids in mind. This means that each of the polyvi…Read More

  9. Girls waiting to play gaga ball in the Octopit USA ball pit.

    Unplug your children before it’s too late!

    According to observations by, pediatric occupational therapist and child development expert, Cris Rowan, “Movement and play are essential not only for child development and learning, but for survival.”  The inherent risks of young children who are overusing technology is widely unrecognized and has been largely ignored.  As a result, children have become increasingly subject to both,…Read More

  10. Race to the ball in a game of gaga ball.

    So your kids want something new and interesting to do this summer.

    Gaga ball may be just what the doctor ordered.  You may have never heard of gaga ball, but your kids will most likely know the game.  Gaga ball is all the rage at summer camps and church youth groups.  The schools are now becoming aware and are jumping on the band wagon, as well. Summer would be a great time to organize a community gaga ball tournament.  Kids need an outlet to jump, run, and p…Read More