Gaga Ball is known for it’s widely inclusive nature and versatility in location. With no age restrictions, this game is a blast for everyone. The best part of Octopit USA is the ease of set up and tear down, regardless of the location. Made with polyvinyl, Octopit provides a safe and engaging environment anywhere you set up! Our assembling process requires no screws, bolts, and only a few people! Here are a few of the places found to be successful with Octopit:

Gaga Ball on Concrete

Octopit USA is portable and completely sturdy wherever it’s set up! Concrete slabs are perfect for gaga ball, and Octopit USA is designed to be ready for a game anytime! Whether in a parking lot, concrete slab, or designated play area, Octopit provides the perfect solution.

Youth & Church Events Go Gaga

Gaga ball with Octopit is an ideal option for all things youth oriented. Guaranteed to be occupied for hours, churches have found great success in setting up Octopit USA for events and gatherings. With the opportunity for each kid to take part in the game, participation is never an issue. Additionally, gaga ball is designed to be low-impact and fast paced, which means kids can engage endlessly with little injury threat.

Gaga Gym Day

Using Octopit USA for gym class is a perfect way to get kids to engage in exercise, while having a blast! Octopit is incredibly simple to assemble and can be removed at the end of class, leaving no marks on the floor. ┬áStudents won’t have any hesitation on jumping in on this activity, and it requires very few rules.

Additionally, Octopit USA can be set up both outside and indoors, so gaga games can go on regardless of the weather! Learn more about our Octopit USA dementions and use information. Octopit strives to provide safe fun, for all ages any place and any time! Contact us today to order your gaga ball pit from Octopit USA!