1. 3 Reasons You Need to Host a Gaga Ball Tournament This Summer

    We already wrote about how to guarantee that your kids will have an awesome summer (spoiler alert: the answer is gaga ball!). You may even want to go so far as to host a gaga ball tournament. Sounds like a lot of work? Trust us when we say that it’s not! With a little bit of planning, your gaga ball tournament could be a huge success. After all, it only take about 15 minutes to get your gaga bal…Read More

  2. What You Need to Know About Gaga Ball

    Never heard of gaga ball before? That’s okay! Gaga ball is all your kids can talk about lately? That’s okay too! At Octopit USA, our goal is to make owning a gaga ball pit a breeze for everyone whether they have an intricate knowledge of how the game works or they’re only hearing about it for the first time. Either way, we think there are a few things you should know about our company. That…Read More

  3. How to Guarantee Your Kids Will Have an Awesome Summer

    Can you believe that summer is already right around the corner? Before you know it, you’ll be breaking out the grill (if you haven’t already, that is), transitioning from jeans to shorts, and spending lazy afternoons lounging in the shade. Your kids, on the other hand, will probably want something fun to do. That’s where gaga ball comes into play! If you’ve been looking for the perfect pie…Read More

  4. 5 Alternative Sports We Wish Were In The Summer Olympics

    The next round of the Summer Olympic Games will take place in Tokyo, Japan. It will be the 32nd Olympiad and the second time that Tokyo has won the honor of hosting the world’s oldest and most respected sports competition. Being the summer games, the 2020 Olympics will put sports such as running, swimming, and weightlifting in the spotlight, continuing a tradition that started centuries ago duri…Read More

  5. How To Host A Gaga Ball Tournament

    So, let’s say you’ve been playing gaga ball with your friends, family members, or neighbors for a while now. You REALLY love this game, and you love the way it makes the kids look when they see how easy and fun it can be! Sometimes, in your free time, you’ve been researching the origins of gaga ball and dreaming about entering your little team of rock stars in a gaga ball tournament. We tota…Read More

  6. Essential Strategies For Winning At Gaga Ball

    Are you going gaga for gaga ball? Kids, families, youth groups, and school recess yards all over the world are having fun and getting great exercise by playing this exciting game. What’s that? You say you’ve never heard of gaga ball before? Well, allow us to illuminate you to some of the finer points of this must-try game. You can also learn more in our previous blog post, titled “Answers To…Read More

  7. Gaga Ball game for kids

    Why Competing is Good for Kids

    If you have kids, you have likely heard or even participated in the discussion about whether competing in athletic events, sports, or activities is good for children. There is heavy support on both sides of the debate, and sometimes the proceedings can get a little heated. The most important thing to remember in all of this is that every parent wants the best for their children. If we forget that,…Read More

  8. Gaga Ball Octopit

    A Versatile Game The Entire Family Will Love!

    Every family needs to spend quality time together, but this is often easier said than done. Younger kids can’t typically participate in the same games as the older kids, and parents are rarely excited to try the same types of activities that their kids are begging for. Board games can be fun, but they’re either far too simple for older kids or far too complicated for younger kids. Outside game…Read More

  9. Great Holiday Games for Kids

    Thanksgiving is upon us! You know what that means, don’t you? It means winter break is right around the corner and you are going to have lots of time with your kids. Not to mention any nieces and nephews coming in from out of town. If you have a full house this winter season, you’re going to need to get creative with ways to keep everyone entertained! At Octopit USA, we know games better than …Read More

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    Answers To 5 Common Questions About Gaga Ball

    When searching around the internet for “playground equipment for sale” you probably didn’t expect to come across pictures of a bunch of kids running around inside a pen that’s shaped like a stop sign. When most people shop around for playground equipment for sale, they expect to see swingsets, merry-go-rounds, and balance beams. And for years, these have been the only options for kids outd…Read More