Looking for playground equipment for sale is always a special time. Not only are you hoping to make an investment that will bring joy to kids of all ages, you’re also creating an opportunity for building athletic skills, sparking friendships, and creating a sense of community around a fun and healthy activity.

Now, anyone can go to a home improvement or big box store and find playground equipment for sale. You just have to walk into the “Toys” aisle and you’ll see everything from basketballs to swingsets. But if kids wanted to play with those traditional things, they’d could simply go to the park or use the school playground equipment that’s available to them throughout the day. Kids today have lots of different activities vying for their attention, and if you want them to put down the video games and head outside, you’re going to have to offer them something a little bit more unique than a tetherball set.

That’s why we created the octopit.

The first time we were introduced to gaga ball, we knew it was gonna be big. And boy were we right! What started as a simple variation on dodgeball invented by children in Israel way back in the 1970s has now transformed into a worldwide phenomenon. Gaga ball is simple in that it only requires two pieces of equipment: a ball and an octagonal pen in which the players and the ball can be easily contained. Balls are fairly to easy to find here in America, so we decided to go into business manufacturing the Octopit so everyone could learn to love gaga ball as much as we do!

Before you own an Octopit, it can be somewhat difficult to see what it’s so much better than other playground equipment, so we decided to make a list of all the events to which you could bring your Octopit (that’s right, they’re 100 percent portable!). On the flip side, it’d be really hard to do that with a traditional swingset or teeter-totter. Impossible, even.


Bring Your Octopit To…

  1. Birthday Parties – Is there a child in your life who’s having a birthday soon? (Or maybe a very childish adult?) Forget the pinata and Pin the Tail on the Donkey games. When you bring out your Octopit and challenge everyone to a rousing game of gaga ball, no one’s going to be interested in any of the other playground equipment.
  2. Graduation Parties – Did your child just complete middle school? Do you have an athletic friend who just graduated from college? Keep the fun times rolling with an impromptu game of gaga ball in your easy to transport Octopit. Did we mention that it only takes 15 minutes to set up and take down?
  3. School Field Days – Soccer, basketball, kickball, capture the flag…these are all normal games that kids expect from a school field day. This year, why not surprise them with something completely new? The great thing about playing gaga ball is that it’s accessible to kids of all ages, and utilizes skills that might allow new star players to emerge. After all, the only thing you need to be able to do is dodge, jump, and scream “Ga ga!” in order to play.
  4. Block Parties – Is your neighborhood coming together for a celebration this summer? Why not build new friendships by challenging everyone to a game of gaga ball in your new Octopit? It’s easy to bring the gaga ball pit into the street so that everyone can access it, and parents will love that it’s made from lightweight polyvinyl instead of wood that can splinter and cause injury.
  5. Fundraisers – Are you looking to raise money for your youth group, school, or Boy Scout troop? A gaga ball tournament is a great way to get people excited and raise money via entry fees! You can choose how many people can be on a team, challenge them to come up with creative names for their group of gaga ball players, and even offer a trophy as the big prize! If you’re interested, we put together an entire post on hosting a gaga ball tournament that can serve as your guide.

What are you waiting for? Call or text us at (248) 752-8165 to order your Octopit today!