Octopit USA has a best possible design for a Gaga Pit. With lightweight, durable components such as Gaga Ball brackets and polyvinyl side-walls, our Gaga Pit is built to last. There are a few wonderful qualities that help Octopit USA stand out above the competition. Here are three:

  • Adjustability – The Gaga Pit from Octopit USA is designed with all kids in mind. This means that each of the polyvinyl side walls can be a custom height for all grade school ages! Our Gaga Pit can be used in any institution from schools, to gymnasiums and daycare centers.
  • Convenience – The Gaga Pit from Octopit USA can easily be built in less than 15 minutes by 2-3 people. The ease of use makes it a perfect game for all establishments.
  • Quality – The high quality parts used by Octopit USA makes it easy to clean, easy to assemble and virtually maintenance free! Many Gaga Pits use wood that can splinter or wear down overtime after use outdoors. The Octopit USA Gaga Pit is designed to permanently adhere to surfaces outside or easily move around indoors with the non-marking, ski proof rubber foot pads to protect your flooring.

Contact Octopit USA at 248-752-8165, for more information or to become a dealer of our Octopit USA Gaga Pits, today!