The basic rules of ga-ga ball are that it is played in an octagonal shape ga-ga ball pit and the players use a soft foam ball to play. To win the ga-ga ball game, players must try to hit the ball below the knees or waist.  The last player standing is the winner of the game! However, ga-ga ball can be played in whatever way you want! Here are some ideas on how to change up ga-ga ball:

  1. Teams: Determine how many people make a team and use the same basic rules
  • Pass, Pass, Play: To make it more difficult, all players must pass the ball twice before the ball can be hit at the opponent.
  • Multiple ga-ga balls: This would be for more experienced players where you put more ga-ga balls into play.
  • Eliminate arms: You can only use one hand and arm to hit the ga-ga ball.
  1. Free for all: Every man for themselves
  • Bounce, Play:
  • Before the ga-ga ball can be hit at your opponent, you must bounce the ga-ga ball once off the wall of the ga-ga pit.
  • Before the ga-ga ball can be hit at the opponent, you must bounce it once on the floor.
  • Elimate arms: The same idea as mentioned before, players can only use one arm to hit the ga-ga ball.

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