After the purchase of an Octopit USA gaga ball pit in mid January , Central Indiana’s Youth for Christ organization is excited to be planning a fund raising tournament.

“We want to start talking about the potential for a fundraising GaGa Ball Tourney- here in Indy- we’d like to use as a Camp fundraiser. We’re thinking of a couple of target groups: One is youth organizations/churches/campus life clubs. We’d invite and challenge all of our connections with these groups and get some radio play too and have a Jr high grouping and high school grouping. The second would be an adult challenge that would primarily market to our business contacts to promote some fun competition between various business offices. I’ve started challenging some friends and they are very interested in that idea. We’ll charge per team and hope to get a sponsor or two for prizes and t-shirts.”

What a terrific way to raise funds for your organization. Kids love the game! In the words of one enthusiastic player, “Gaga ball is the funnest game ever!”

Contact us for information on how you can reap the benefits of owning your own Octopit USA gaga ball pit. (248) 752-8165