gaga-blog1If you have kids, you have likely heard or even participated in the discussion about whether competing in athletic events, sports, or activities is good for children. There is heavy support on both sides of the debate, and sometimes the proceedings can get a little heated. The most important thing to remember in all of this is that every parent wants the best for their children. If we forget that, then it’s easy to let our tempers flare. Keeping that in mind, we at Octopit USA believe that competitive games like Gaga ball can be a very healthy thing for kids. The key is to keep it under control and to be inclusive. No one wants for any child to feel excluded, no matter which activity we’re talking about. So what are some of the reasons why competitive games are good for children? Let’s take a closer look.

Conflict Resolution

As adults, we know better than anyone that things don’t always go as planned and not everyone sees eye-to-eye. At work, if you have a disagreement with a coworker, how do you resolve the issue? It’s likely that you have learned several valuable techniques over the years, and if you played sports you probably have a few aces up your sleeve. For instance, if you played basketball or football, you were likely exposed to questionable calls from the officials or had to put up with dirty players on the other team. Screaming and yelling at either party weren’t going to solve anything. The best way to deal with these situations was to focus on your job and your goal. Octoball encourages these same principles in a controlled environment.

Sticking With It

One of the best lessons learned in competitive games is the stick-to-it mentality. Competitive games, even casual ones, can sometimes present challenges that need to be overcome. When faced with these challenges, there are a couple responses that are typical of everyone. You can either walk away from the challenge and quit. Or, you can rise to the challenge and overcome the obstacle as well as your personal doubt. We aren’t saying that gaga ball is a difficult endeavor by any means, but younger children can still learn this valuable lesson by working with their teammates to improve and have more fun.


Teamwork is a societal imperative. Sociologists and anthropologists agree that humanity would have died out long ago if we hadn’t learned to collaborate with one another. While that is perhaps an extreme example, the rules still apply in our daily lives. Learning to work together to achieve a goal is an incredibly valuable skill, both in education as well as in the workplace. A friendly competitive game like octaball encourages collaboration. Work together as a team and achieve success! It is a safe and inclusive way to teach this incredibly valuable life lesson.


At a time when exercise has become more of a chore than an exciting adventure, games like gaga ball and other sports encourage and promote fitness. Even getting out and playing for just one hour can have a major impact on the health or your children.

Give It a Try

These are only a handful of the reasons why controlled, competitive games like gaga ball benefit and encourage children. When you add to these the fact that gaga ball is just a great game that is fun for kids no matter what age, you can’t go wrong! Thousands of kids across the country have already experienced the joy of gaga ball. Will yours be next? Contact Octopit USA today, and find out how you can bring the fun to your neighborhood or school.