There was a time when kids spent most of their day outdoors. Aside from the hours they were required to be in a classroom, kids would be outside playing, exploring, and just generally learning about their world and other humans through self-guided play.

These days are, sadly, behind us. Whether because of increased concern about safety, a lack of outdoor places in which to play, or the siren song of digital media like video games, mobile apps and chatting on social media, kids these days are shockingly disinterested in the types of play that used to double as their much-needed exercise.

It has been clinically proven that kids who get regular exercise, whether through play or organized activities, enjoy:

  • Stronger muscles and bones
  • Lower body fat percentages and a leaner figure
  • Decreased risk of obesity in their teens or adulthood
  • Decreased risk of developing type 2 diabetes
  • Lower blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels
  • A more positive outlook on life

Unfortunately, the limitations we mentioned previously in this article make it hard for many modern children to reap these benefits of exercise. That’s why we’re dedicated to spreading the message of Gaga Ball all over the world. We believe that gaga ball is a great way to get kids excited about exercise because it doesn’t seem like work! Instead of nagging your children to run on the treadmill, accompany you to the gym, or join organized sports in which they’re not interested, why not order an Octopit and introduce them to the joys of gaga ball?

Here are just a few reasons kids all over the world are going “ga-ga” over gaga ball!

  1. gaga-1Fast-Paced & Fun – Unlike video games, which have to be stopped, started, saved, and are often interrupted by bad connection issues, gaga ball features continuous, fast-paced play! From the moment that the players take their positions and the ball is dropped into the Octopit, gaga ball delivers non-stop excitement. No two games of gaga ball are ever the same, because you never know where the ball is going to end up!
  2. Easily Relocated Indoors Or Out – Some games can only be played outdoors, which means that when inclement weather arrives, the fun has to be postponed. Not so with gaga ball! Using our expertly-designed Octopic, gaga ball can easily be relocated inside a gym, multipurpose room, or even a spacious residential garage. This means that the game of gaga ball can go on even if it’s raining or snowing outside!
  3. Competitive In An Inclusive Way – A little bit of competition is great for kids as it spurs them to achieve more than they might of without anyone pushing them along the way. However, too much competition of a cutthroat nature can be damaging to young spirits. If your child is the type that would rather play a game where many people can be successful, gaga ball is the solution! This game doesn’t require a specific set of skills or experience to learn. All it takes is the ability to jump, dodge, duck, and swat, which are skills that nearly every child possesses! If you so choose, you can even play gaga ball without trying to crown a winner, which is even more fun for all involved.

Request a quote for your Octopit today and your kids can start getting fun exercise through gaga ball tomorrow!