1. octaball gaga ball pit for kids

    Can’t Motivate Your Children To Exercise? Gaga Games Are The Answer!

    There was a time when kids spent most of their day outdoors. Aside from the hours they were required to be in a classroom, kids would be outside playing, exploring, and just generally learning about their world and other humans through self-guided play. These days are, sadly, behind us. Whether because of increased concern about safety, a lack of outdoor places in which to play, or the siren song …Read More

  2. Encourage Kids to Be Active with Gaga Ball

    When adults hear the word “exercise,” some very distinct ideas come to mind. Running, lifting, pilates, squeezing in a trip to the gym after work—you get the idea. But for kids, exercise means some very different things. It’s playing tag with their friends in the backyard, throwing a frisbee at the park, going for a swim, taking their dog for a walk, riding bikes—in other words, exercise…Read More

  3. The Perfect Playground Game for Your Church

    Churches across the country have discovered the joy that is the Octopit USA gaga ball pit. There are a number of things that make the Octopit a great addition to the church playground. Some of the most common reasons why our customers love the Octopit are the fact that it is safe, affordable, and provides a great, inclusive game for kids of all ages. Benefits of Gaga Ball for Church Playgrounds Sa…Read More